Chaminade Year – 2011

On January 22, 2011, the Marianist family around the world will begin a year of celebration commemorating the 250th anniversary of our founder, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade. The following resources can be found at the World Council of the Marianist Family web-site,

  • Messages from the Leadership of the four branches of the Marianist Family (Alliance Mariale, Daughters of Mary Immaculate, Marianist Lay Communities and the Society of Mary)
  • Prayer for the Chaminade Year
  • Chaminade Year Calendar
  • Monthly Formation and Prayer resources
  • Documents and other Resources
  • News and Events (This will be updated through-out the year. All communities are encouraged to send photos and articles of local events and celebrations.)
  • Links to other Chaminade Year internet sites around the world

We are grateful to the work of Fr. André Fétis, SM who coordinated the gathering and translating of the Chaminade Year resources. These are available not only in our three official languages (French, English and Spanish), but also in Portuguese, German, Korean, Japanese and Italian. A major feat indeed! A special thank you also goes out to Brother Michael McAward, SM for his creative and diligent work in the design and publication of the Chaminade Calendar and the new look on our web-site. It is not only lovely to look at, but simple to navigate. Here are the links to the Chaminade Year pages. Please do explore them for your personal and communal use. And, come back often for updates and highlights!

Chaminade Year 2011-2012

Année Chaminade 2011-2012

Año Chaminade 2011-2012

Adèle Day

On January 10th, the Marianist family celebrates the life of Mother Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon. She died on this date in 1828.

I have a personal affection for Adèle. She has shown me the power of the pen to form friendships and communities across the miles. In my case, it was the power of the computer key-board. But, we all know that she would have been an enthusiastic fan of all the social media opportunities of the modern world. Deep and intimate communication was her specialty. And, it was communication with a purpose. The purpose was to love, support, encourage, and empower others to a life of faith and work with the poor. And it was to promote the growth of the new sodalities, so faith and good works would spread far and wide.

Today, we remember in a special way our Marianist Sisters around the world. I can`t think of them without thinking of the phrase from their last chapter – audacious faith. The Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate may not be large in numbers, but the audacity of their faith is shown in their courageous out-reach and growth around the world. With few resources, new communities are founded and new social projects are begun. At our World Council meetings, we have followed the progress each year as communities were founded in India and now Argentina. Each year we learn of the joyous visitations to Togo and Cote d`Ivoire, Korea and Japan, and the communities of Europe, North and Latin America. I am in awe of their energy and courage. They are an inspiration to us all. To learn more about the Daughters of Mary Immaculate, visit their new international web-site.

To all our Sisters, may you continue to be faithful followers of Mother Adèle -women of audacious faith in all that you do. Happy Feast Day!