MLC Korea elects new National Responsible

Our Marianist Lay Communities in South Korea held their General Meeting on December 10th, 2011. Mr. Jung Hyun Peter Nam was elected as the new National Responsible. We welcome him to our international team of National Responsibles, and look forward to building on our Marianist family spirit and friendship.

We also share our deep gratitude for the faithful commitment and work of Ms. Eun Hee Theresa Kim who has completed her term as National Responsible.

May our loving God and Mother Mary continue to bless our Marianist family in South Korea. Their deep faith, energy and passion for our mission are an inspiration to us all!

News from Hb Denny in Indonesia

Here is some news from lay Marianist, Hb Denny in Jakarta, Indonesia. His community is helping with a school project for street children. This is an inspiration to us all, and we wish them many blessings!


During our preparation for Christmas (Advent week 2) we dedicated our project to help a school in the slum area to serve poor street children. We raised the money for classroom rental for a 2 year period. We also gave the kids a free lunch, and some gifts to support their education.



This school is located under the bridge and is free. There are around 100 kids and 4 teachers.



We’re very happy can make small steps to help them open their window into the future.



Denny also has a Blog with more photos. It is written in Indonesian and called AKU DIBERI, AKU MEMBERI.


Prophets with Mary for a New World

The Chaminade Year Resources for December provide us with a wonderful reflection, Like Chaminade, Prophets with Mary for a New World. Roger Bichelberger, CLM, offers an inspiring description of the prophetic role of our founder, of Mary, and of all of us who bear her name. Here are some excerpts,

Prophets are those who keep their eyes and ears wide open to the surprising and new invitations/incitements that the Lord never ceases to address to them. “Nova bella elegit Dominus”, Chaminade repeated. The Lord is constantly choosing new ways of doing battle…

Prophets are those who refuse to let themselves be hemmed in by the past, by routine or by timidity…

Prophets are those who will have the courage to experiment, to live provisionally. They will certainly need to relearn how to live in a tent like our ancestors in the faith, to be a people always on the march toward new horizons…

In short, Chaminade proposes to us to be prophets with Mary, the first “modern” woman, a woman for our times…

The prophet is mandated for the establishment, in the heart of the old world, of a new world: the world, according to the word of the Apostle, of the “Joy which is to come.” Joy which is Christ, this Christ to receive whose coming we prepare during this time of Advent…

It was on December 8th, 1800, that Blessed William Joseph Chaminade gathered the members of the Congregation of the Immaculate. Today is the Patronal Feast Day for our Marianist Lay Communities and the Daughters of Mary Immaculate. May Mary, who was graced so generously by our loving God, continue to guide our Marianist Family. And with her at our side, may we be courageous and faith-filled prophets in our Church and in our world. A happy and blessed feast day to all!