Feast Day of Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

On January 10, we celebrate the day that Mother Adèle entered into eternal glory. We celebrate her life, and the inspiration she continues to be to us as a Marianist Family.

My affection for Adèle began back in 1997, when I first became involved in the Marianist Lay Network of North America. Living in the small prairie town of Neepawa, Manitoba, I felt distanced and cut-off from the rest of the Marianist world. But so was Adèle in her family`s home in France! I thought of her often, and of the good work she could do from a distance through her letter-writing.

The late 1990`s was the time when email communications and the internet were slowly becoming more accessible to us. It was to become the new letter-writing. Using my computer, I was able to communicate with Marianists around the world. And, not just communicate. I made many friendships across the miles. We shared our lives and our Marianist stories. We supported each other in our works and in our prayers. How exciting it was when I would receive an unexpected email from one of our `Marianist greats`. I remember the day that dear Fr. Quentin Hakenewerth wrote a short note to me. Our MLCs in Winnipeg had been reading and studying his works since the late 1970`s. And now I could share my appreciation with him.

Our recent e-Christmas card from the International MLC Team resulted in an over-flowing box of well-wishes and greetings from our family across the globe. I might not be able to respond to them all, but I want you to know that your words, well wishes and prayers give us all energy and inspiration. Just as the words, well wishes and prayers in the letters of Adèle gave energy and inspiration to all who received them.

On this day when we remember this amazing woman, our love and prayers go out to all our dear Marianist sisters around the world. The Daughters of Mary Immaculate, while small in number, continue to do grand things. As new foundations are formed, so are new projects that reach out to the needs of each area. From birthing hospitals to schools to vocational centers to retreat centers; they reach out to feed, heal, teach, empower and give spiritual nourishment. To them, we send our love and prayers on this special day and always!

 ”O my God, my heart is too small to love you, but it will see to it that you are loved by so many hearts that their love will compensate for the weakness of mine.” (325.4)

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