Message from Wesly in Haiti

Wesly Etienne, CLM Haiti (National Responsible)

Wesly Etienne, CLM Haiti (National Responsible)

Susan Vogt shares the following message she just received from Wesly Etienne, CLM National Reponsible for Haiti and delegate to our Nairobi meeting. He thanks us for our concern and prayers. He appears to be unhurt. It is still too soon to evaluate the number of vistims, only that it is severe. He joins us in prayer

Chere Susan

Je te dis un grand merci pour les mots de reconforts,Port au prince est ravage par un seisme c’est un coup dur pour Haiti,jusqu’a present on peut pas evaluer la quantite des victimes. La maison des frere est brisee(le prenovicia).Unions de priere ma soeur.


2 thoughts on “Message from Wesly in Haiti

  1. Dear Isabella and Susan,
    Is is great to receive these rather good news from Wesly!
    I translate the message :
    “Dear Susan,
    I thank you very much for your consolating words. Port-au-Prince has been destroyed by an earthquake. That’s a hard time for Haiti. Until now it is impossible to have any clear idea of damages. The house of the Brothers (prenovicate) has been destroyed.
    In communion of prayer, my sister.

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