Haiti News – 17-01-2010

Dear friends,

I’m re-posting a comment that our friend in Rome, Charli, wrote below…

According to the very new phone call that the youngest Hervé’s sister received and transmited to us, they are in Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe, French Antilles), in a hostel.
They are supposed to arrive in Paris on monday, Jan. 18, morning (French time).
They = Hervé, SM, France ; Stanislas, SM, Togo ; Agnès Dumas – Bonkoungou, Haïti-France, CLM). I haven’t any recent news abour Florian (SM, Canada) but he is in good health and he is supposed to go to Canada. Wesly (CLM Responsible, Haïti), is in good health, as you know. Chevalier and Jean-Eddy (SM, Haïti) had gone to their families to confort them. It is the same for novices and prenovices. The other four scholastics from Haïti are currently studying in Abidjan. Eugène Côté has arrived, as it was expected, in Abidjan. One of the scholastics has no news about his family.
Let’s keep on praying, supporting all these poor Haiti persons in such a drama.
Thanks to everybody.

We thank God for the safety of our SM Brothers and Agnès Dumas. (The CLM, founded by Agnès, were the first Marianist presence in Haiti.) We will do all that we can to maintain contact with our lay Marianists in Haiti, and will share all news as it becomes available. I invite you to post any messages or news on this blog, or to email me at isabellamoyer@clm-mlc.org.

Today’s gospel is the Wedding at Cana….a gospel dear to all Marianist hearts. We put our trust in Jesus. May He guide all leaders, aid workers, survivors, and generous souls around the world to work together to transform the devastation into new life. And may each of us follow Mary’s call to “do whatever He tells you.”

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