Marie-Roseline, CLM Haiti

Josee Rosaline Marcel

Josée Roberge, Rosaline, Marcel Dion - Québec 2007



Dear friends,

Here are recent news coming directly from Marie Roseline who is in Haiti. Thank you, Marie Roseline, for sending this message which gives us news about Marianist Family and all your dear relatives. It also gives us possible contact with Joséphine. Thank you, Agnès for having passed on the contact request with the Marianist Family and with Joséphine.

We are very close to you by prayer. Hold on!

Warm fraternal kisses.


Hello Dear Agnès and Christiane of the Marianist Family,

Thank you for standing firm with us in Haiti, at Léogane, the town most hit by the earthquake, with 90% of the houses destroyed and 5,000 to 10,000 dead, according to the United Nations, information that I even experience for I have lived it daily from the 12th up to this day, in this difficult situation.

I have no information about Sr. Josephine [Joséphine Mathieu, Alliance postulant] , but I have her telephone number, try, if it is still working.

Concerning the MLC, of Port-au-Prince certainly Yvelyne André, the Morisseau family, Jocelyn Louis, Myriam Arnault, Vastie Jasmin, Jean Manson Jasmin, and 8 other members of the MLC of Carrefour have given me news.

The majority of the houses are destroyed, that of the mama of Yveline, that of Myriame and others. At Léogane, for example, the five houses which housed the different members of the Rogené family are all destroyed.  We are in temporary shelters made with sheets, with plastic tarpaulins, old pieces of iron sheets, anything we can find.  But we are all in good health except for those with slight injuries. We say thanks to the Lord, for the most precious possession we have is his presence in us and around us.  We share what we have by way of food, found under the rubble with our group, for our refugee camp in the  area where we are, has not received any help up til now.  There are still mild aftershocks which plunge the population into a lot of stress and confusion. And the negative rumors of all sorts just complicate the situation.  But we are standing firm.  We ask for your prayers day and night, especially an intention for peace for our people, for insecurity shows up under all its forms.

Thank you dear sisters for your availability and care in this difficult situation.

Marie Roseline Rogené (Haiti)

2 thoughts on “Marie-Roseline, CLM Haiti

  1. Hello Charlene,
    I am sorry, but I believe that the Jocelyn Louis mentioned by Marie-Roseline is an adult…quite a bit older than 17. I hope and pray for the safety of your Jocelyn.

  2. Is Jocelyn Louis a common name in Haiti? We sponsered a Jocelyn Louis who was born in 1993. Could the Jocelyn Louis you mention be him? We have lost touch and we were wondering if he is ok.

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