40 Days with the 40 Least – 2012

Once again, the Marianist Family in Spain is inviting us to enter into Lent with the 40 least countries of the world. The following is from the introduction to the 2012 campaign,

This year we wish to focus our gaze, our heart and our mind on the reality of the human rights of the people who live in the last forty, the forty countries with the lowest Index of Human Development, according to the 2011 Annual Report of the UN Development Programme (UNDP). We will do this in union with the social pain of those who are victims of the violation of their rights, and also with the witness of those who, in the midst of that situation, embrace the responsibility of denunciation, promotion and defense of those rights…

In identifying the current situation of human rights, contemporary reflection tends to highlight three concerns: the degradation of life, the loss of liberty, the lack of justice. Around these three universal principles – life, liberty, justice – in situations where they are lacking and in the forces that defend them, revolves our Lenten campaign this year…

As in other years, for each day of Lent we are offering a passage of testimony and, following it, a juridical text Signed and ratified, taken from the very rich universal legislative sources, which we will see. To help us pass from right to deed, there is a commentary and a proposal for action. Finally, a short Prayer will help us place into the hands of God both our plans and the situation of which we are witnesses. We hope that for another year this recourse to the situation of human rights in the last forty might help us to live this Lent in solidarity and compassion, as we walk with our Savior on his ascent to Jerusalem.

The 40 Least campaign is sponsored by the Society of Mary Province of Spain, and is a collaborative Marianist family effort. We thank them for their continued commitment to this project. It is a valuable and inspiring Lenten resource for us all. May we join our minds, hearts, and hands across the miles as we take this journey in union with all our sisters and brothers around the world.

Here are the links to the 40 Days with the 40 Least Project in English, Español, and Français. Click on the Calendar on the home page for each day’s resources.

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