Roma – Day 1


Our team began our week in Rome with a day’s pilgrimage and retreat. Our theme was The Year of Faith. Brother Domingo planned the day and prayers for us. We began with Mass at Via Latina, and then took the bus to the Vatican to participate in the Sunday Angelus. Standing in St. Peter’s Square is truly an experience of the universal Church.

As the noon bells rang out, all eyes turned to the famous papal window as Pope Benedict appeared. Roars of approval erupted from the crowd each time he spoke in a different language.


After pranzo, we returned to St. Peter’s for a prayer and meditation before the tomb of Blessed John XXIII. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, it was very special to spend time in thanksgiving for this good Pope’s inspiration and courage in throwing open the windows of our Church to allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely; through the Church and into the world. We read and pondered quotations on faith from Blessed Chaminade, and concluded by praying the Creed – our act of faith.


We ended our day at Via Latina, celebrating the joy and beauty of our faith by praying and pondering Mary’s own words…..MAGNIFICAT!

2 thoughts on “Roma – Day 1

  1. Gracias, Sandra and Hugo! I am sorry for not responding sooner. Your message was in my Spam folder, and I only received it today. :-( An obvious error on my computer. We had a very good and productive week in Rome….with thanks to all the prayers! :-) un abrazo, Isabella

  2. Estamos unidos en la oración para que sea un encuentro fructifero, donde comparatamos nuestra fe y amistad.

    We are so happy for the meeting in Roma, we are praying for all of you. Love from Linares, Chile. Sandra and Hugo.

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