Roma Day 2


This line from today’s gospel was my inspiration for today….

“If you had faith the size of a mustard seed…”…you will look at this agenda, and look at the people around this table, and look at Mary seated here with us, and you will know that I, your God am with you too. And all will be well.

We had a full agenda, and with the grace of God we were able to complete it! As always, the regional reports were the highlight of the meeting. It is always good to hear of the many gifts in each region, and to share our challenges.

We also had the opportunity to share our personal struggles as we try to balance our Marianist tasks with our professional careers and family life. It was a graced moment of sharing, and strengthened even more our sense of comuunity. We thank Brother Domingo, our assessor, who nudges us to look beyond the tasks at hand to share from our hearts!

This afternoon, Brother Maximin Magnan, the new SM Assistant for Education, shared the history of the Marianist Family in Togo with us. We were inspired by the model of collaboration among the religious and lay communities in Togo.


This evening, we met with our seminarian brothers….a much loved tradition during our time in Rome. The discussion was lively, with many thoughtful questions and reflections on the role of our Marianist Family in the Church and world today.

Tomorrow, our meeting will focus on preparations for our 6th International Meeting in Lima, Péru.



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