Roma, Day 3


Manitoba, Canada had a major snow storm this weekend. Meanwhile, we’re enjoying sunny days in Rome, with 20C temperatures and flowers still in bloom. (Sorry, David!) But, there isn’t too much time to enjoy the scenery with the full agenda before us….

Today was devoted to preparing the agenda for our 6th International Meeting in Lima, Peru in January, 2014. Isabel Duarte skillfully guided us through a process to discern our goals and visions for the meeting. The theme of the meeting is “Faith of the Heart, in the Heart of the World”. We are all in agreement that the primary objective will be the sharing and witnessing of Marianist life and prayer as it is lived in the lay experience around the world. In this Year of Faith, we are called to deepen and re-energize our own faith in order to share it more joyfully and effectively with others. So, document and reports will not be the focus of our meeting.


The motivations for the meeting and the official invitations will be sent to all national responsibles in the coming weeks. We thank Isabel and our organizing team in Peru for all the work that has been done already. A location has been chosen, and task lists have been drafted. The preparations are well under way!

Tomorrow we will begin our World Council of the Marianist Family meetings. We are looking forward to welcoming the new members of the FMI and SM general administrations.



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