Loving God,

It is with a heavy heart that we come together
as a community from different parts of the world
to pray for our sisters and brothers in Haiti.
We pray in communion with our Mother Mary,
Blessed Chaminade, Mother Adéle, Marie Thérèse,
and all the angels and saints.

It’s too much, Lord.
With our feeble human efforts, we can’t heal each one.
And we feel so weak in the face of such suffering.

Crush our doubts, Lord Jesus.
Kindle sparks of hope in the rubble.
As our hearts are moved with pity,
fortify our will and multiply our efforts
to heal the suffering and comfort the afflicted.

Your people have not given up.
People who, in the light of great natural disaster
are still praising your Holy Name.
Teach us their love.

May this crisis bring out the best in your children…
the people of Haiti, and all who are rushing to her aide.
Please don’t let this horrific event be cause
for Haiti to fall into political anarchy and domination designs by others.

May the new wine of resources and aid,
so generously given from around the world,
be used wisely to truly build a new Haiti,
rich in the dignity of all her people.

Mary, mother of sorrows,
only your arms are wide and strong enough
to hold up the people of Haiti right now.
Pray with us for all the wounded, the dead,
those who are missing children, spouses, parents…

Pray with us for all who are providing aid.
May our spirits lift them up to your Son
and generously sustain their efforts.

All you angels and saints,
may our sisters and brothers in Haiti
sense your guidance, protection and comfort.

(Our Lady of the Round Table cyber-MLC)

4 thoughts on “HAITI

  1. Dear Father Florian,

    Thank you for your message…it is good to ‘hear’ your voice! I wish you peace of mind and heart in the coming days. Go gently, knowing that the love and prayers of many are supporting you and all our Marianist family from Haiti.

  2. Dear Friends,
    I am very touched by your concern and your prayers in favor of our Marianist Family in Haiti. I just want to thank you for what you have done so far and for what you will continue to do.
    I am now in Quebec, Canada and try to find peace of mind and to take care of my health.
    On behalf of SM Brothers, our 5 aspirants and our 6 novices, our CLM, our one candidate of the Marian Alliance, many many thanks. We are all brothers and sisters of the same Marianist Family. With Love and prayer. Father Florian, s.m.

  3. Thanks Isabella! We continue praying for our Sisters and Brothers in Haiti. May the God hear their cries. And, may we all rush to help wherever we can. Amen


  4. Thank you Isabella, for unwrapping our prayers and bringing them alive once again.
    Holy One, comfort our brothers and sisters in Haiti and bring them into physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Mary, our Mother and Queen of the Universe, place your veil of protection over the people and country of Haiti.

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